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Bulk Blond Pampas - 10 Stems

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One order consists of 10 stems.  if you need 20 stems, add 2 orders to your cart, and so on.

A limited time availability for HEAVILY discounted Blond bulk pampas!

These are NOT damaged or discarded stems.  I specifically ordered one box to be able to sell at a special discounted rate for anyone needing a larger amount!

This is perfect if you're a nearlywed and looking to decorate with beautiful pampas, or really for anything other need that involves the need for 10+ stems.

**Please note that since these are a natural product, colour, size and shape will vary slightly from stem to stem.  Also be aware that pampas will shed naturally when moved around, once placed and left alone, minimal shedding will occur so long as they're not near any vents or drafty windows/doors.