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Natural Baby’s Breath Bunch

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Our bundles of babies breath are a beautiful, angelic and classic choice for your home.

COLOUR: Please note that preserved baby’s breath have a creamy, antique colour and are not pure white.

Height: 15" approx.

VASE DIMENSIONS: 5.75"H x 3.5" W

Place it alone in a vase as a beautiful, minimalistic arrangement, add as filler to a DIY bouquet, or break it apart to use for crafts or whatever your heart desires!

Babies breathe is very delicate in nature so please unpack carefully.  Light shedding of buds is unavoidable during transit but will not affect its overall look and fullness.

What does preserved mean?

Preserving flowers is a form of drying, however it is much more sophisticated.  Dried florals usually take on a withered appearance & become quite brittle.  Preserved florals maintain a lifelike look & feel as if they were just cut!

They are preserved by being placed in a mixture of glycerin, which is eventually absorbed into the plant, completely substituting it's natural sap.