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Preserved Eucalyptus

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Preserved eucalyptus is a beautiful & long lasting way to incorporate greenery into your home, wedding & event decor, or even as a relaxing gift for someone special.

Our eucalyptus is preserved, which keeps the fresh look and feel of the leaves, but has the everlasting enjoyment like something dried!  

Quantity: 10 stems per bundle

Eucalyptus Height:  20-27 inches approx.

Vase: 9" tall x 3.5" wide

Scent: Preserved eucalyptus gives off a light, subtle scent.  You will catch relaxing whiffs of it as you pass by, but it may not completely fill the room.  


1. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent discolouration & fading.
Keep away from moisture, as humidity can also cause discolouration & softening of stems, resulting in a shorter life span.
Avoid placement in areas that are in direct contact with air conditioning and/or heating vents.
4. Do not water!


Eucalyptus can have toxic effects if consumed.  Make sure to keep out of reach of children & pets.

If you have concerns about bringing eucalyptus into your home, we recommend doing your own research to decide if it is right for you.