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How long will my pampas last?

If properly cared for, your pampas can last 1-3 years if kept in ideal conditions. Pampas thrives in a dry environment with low traffic, & away from drafty windows & doors.  It also lasts longest when kept away from moisture, like the bathroom.  You can still place them wherever you wish, just know that certain elements can contribute to a shorter lifespan.  


Do they require water?

No!  All of our pampas & florals are dried or preserved so they require NO water!


Do they shed?

Since pampas is a natural product, light shedding will occur.  To help prevent this, mist your arrangement with hairspray to set the plumes & reduce shedding & flyway's. 

Additionally, it is recommended to keep your pampas away from high traffic & drafty areas like near open windows & doors 


What if I have allergies?

Since pampas is a natural occurring plant from the grass family, although rare, it could cause irritation in individuals who suffer from allergies.



What kind of fabric do you use?

A lot of our Mother Made It products are made out of upcycled textiles when possible.  They are most often fabric scraps & pieces that have been donated to local thrift stores.  Since these fabrics are purchased second-hand, we cannot say for sure what type of fabric each piece is.  In this case, for the masks, each one has a 100% cotton sublayer for extra filtration.  That means 3 layers of fabric!


How are your products made?

Our Mother Made It products are hand-sewn sewn, with love, on a sewing machine.