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Large Blondie Pampas

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Stems: 3

Our large Blondie pampas is our most luxurious style! 

SUPER bold & fluffy, they are every pampas lovers dream.  They're plumes are extremely silky soft, and their colour is a buttery neutral that will go with just about any colour palette!

For a beautiful, full bodied arrangement, we personally recommend 6! 


PLEASE NOTE: Re-fluffing is required.  Please refer to our instruction card attached to your order.

Colour: A mixture of creamy off-white & bleach white tones


Plume length: 1.5-2 feet

Total length: 3.75 feet


1. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent discolouration & fading.
Keep away from moisture, as humidity can also cause discolouration & softening of stems, resulting in a shorter life span.
Avoid placement in areas that are in direct contact with air conditioning and/or heating vents.
4. Do not water!