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Natural Horsetail

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Quantity: 5 Stems

The small pampas stems are perfect for a smaller vase!

Please note that these are called horsetail pampas because they feel like, horsetail! This means they have a rougher, textured feel that differentiates it from our regular soft pampas plumes. 

Colour: Natural brown & purple hues

Half Pack: 5 stems

Full Pack: 10 Stems

Length: 22” (approximately)


1. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent discolouration & fading.
Keep away from moisture, as humidity can also cause discolouration & softening of stems, resulting in a shorter life span.
Avoid placement in areas that are in direct contact with air conditioning and/or heating vents.
4. Do not water!

**Please note: Pampas does shed slightly when it is moved around or placed near a drafty area like a window or doorway. Try to place in a low traffic area.