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Terra Cotta Bunny Tails

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Bunny Tails are an adorable, delicate floral that will add a touch of whimsy to your desk, nightstand, shelf, you name it.  They look great on their own or even mixed in with other arrangements.

One order comes with approximately 100 stems.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a “wild bunch” meaning every stem is unique in shape and size.  Some stems will be very short, and some very long.

Some stems will have bigger bunny tops and some smaller, some stems may have bends to them, while others stand tall and straight. They are perfect in their imperfectness!

COLOUR: Terra Cotta / Dusty Rose

SIZE: 12-18” approx.


As a single stem, bunny tails are extremely delicate and are strongest as a group. When unpacking your bundle, please handle with care, as the tops and stems can become tangled.