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Vintage Floral Scrunchy

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Looking for a cute & whimsical finishing touch to your look? We got you!

- Our scrunchies are cut wider to give you the perfect full bodied scrunch
- Soft & fluffy fabric
- They should wrap around your pony twice depending on hair thickness
- Durable elastic
- Elastic Diameter: 2.5" // 5.5" when stretched (approximately)
- Since this is a hand-made product each scrunchy will be unique!

- All of our scrunchies are sewn using upcycled & sustainably sourced textiles! They could have been your grandmothers curtains, or simply fabric that others had no use for & donated to their local thrift store. Hunting for unique patterns & colors is half of the fun!

- Exact composition is unknown due to it being recycled fabrics
- Feels like: thick cotton

- If you're looking to rock a tight pony, we recommend securing your hairstyle with a regular hair elastic first & using our scrunchy as the final detail to your perfect coif. This will prevent strain & overstretching to the elastic which will help it live a nice long life!
- If you're wearing your hair down, rock it as a boho bangle on your wrist!

- Hand-wash // if you must put it in the washer, please place it in a mesh laundry bag.
- Lay flat or hang to dry *** The dryer is NOT it's friend as it could melt & warp the elastic.